Divorce during pregnancy

Divorce during pregnancy: The nuances of the process

Sometimes the expectation of a child turns out to be not only joy but also a test for a couple. For various reasons, it is during this period that there is a desire to end the relationship. However, a divorce during pregnancy has its own nuances. If both agree When the desire to terminate the […]

Features of a divorce for non-US citizens

Features of a divorce for non-US citizens

Those who marry a US citizen receive a conditional right to permanent residence or the so-called conditional permanent residency card. After receiving the green card, the current immigration law obliges such persons to submit a joint petition, Form I-751, on replacing the temporary green card with a permanent one, after nine months. If she/he is […]

Divorce After the Birth

Divorce After the Birth of a Child

Divorce is always an unpleasant process. However, it can be more complicated or less complex. Less if the family does not have a child. More if the child already exists. This issue is the most important in the state, it is on him that the main emphasis is laid, and it is on this that […]