Divorce After the Birth of a Child

Divorce is always an unpleasant process. However, it can be more complicated or less complex. Less if the family does not have a child. More if the child already exists. This issue is the most important in the state, it is on him that the main emphasis is laid, and it is on this that determines how the dissolution of marriage will take place.

Immediately specify an important nuance; before the birth of the child will mean that the child is not only not yet born, but his birth is not planned. If a woman is already pregnant, then the divorce is in accordance with the second scenario.

Divorce before the birth of a child does not represent a problem even in the absence of the consent of the other spouse. In the stade of this regard, everything is many times simpler than in other countries.

Dissolution of marriage before the birth of a child is very simple and can be performed through a registry office. If both spouses agree to divorce and there are no requirements for the division of property, then simply a statement is filed with the registrar, and after a short time the spouses receive a stamp in the divorce passport and regain the status of a free person. In the law of the state this process is simplified to the limit, while in other countries, even in the absence of children, divorce is very often carried out through a court.

If the child has already been born or is to be born, the divorce is possible only on the initiative of the wife.

Divorce lawyers are advised to apply to a lawyer if you are to divorce after the birth of the child. This will help you nowhere to be strangled in your rights and avoid many unpleasant moments of personal contact with the opposite party.