Divorce And The Marriage Contract

If in the process of creating a family husband and wife think about a possible divorce, they constitute a marriage contract. This document helps to resolve property issues, determine the specifics of the division of property, debts, living conditions of children, etc. Although the marriage contract is not a panacea for all conflict situations during a divorce, it allows making the corners less acute and the problems are more solvable.

When compiling a marriage contract, the literacy of its compilation plays a huge role. It is very important that all items comply with the legislation of the state, do not infringe on the rights of third parties or the rights of underage children. It is also unacceptable to blur the wording, allowing a double interpretation. If such facts are discovered, the contract is recognized as invalid. With such a flint it will be difficult to defend anything in court. All the clauses of the contract will become invalid.

By the way, the marriage contract is not a constant. If necessary, it can be changed. To do this, you need only the unanimous consent of the spouses and the notary, who will make appropriate changes to the document or make a new contract. Change the contract is allowed until the marriage is valid. If there is a divorce, the marriage contract remains unchanged and is used when dividing the property.