Features of Divorce in The Court

When divorcing a marriage through the Court, one party is the plaintiff, the other is the defendant. If there is disagreement on the issues of property division and other unresolved conflicts, then simultaneously a statement is submitted for the division of property, for maintenance, etc. The task of the Court is to resolve all issues between husband and wife.

The first meeting of the Court will be held not earlier than a month and within 90 days after submission of the application. This period is given for reconciliation and additional thinking over its decision. The date and time of the hearing are indicated on the agenda, which is received both by the plaintiff and the defendant. If one of the persons involved in the case is not at the meeting of the Court, it is postponed.

It may take several court sessions to divorce. In some cases, the procedure for divorce lasts for months, as new facts and circumstances of married life appear. Most of the questions arise when dividing up jointly acquired property and determining the conditions for the further residence of joint children.